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May 2022 2 minute survey

Hi everyone,

We would be really grateful for responses to our 1 minute survey about the next steps for Buku. If you have more time, there are also some further questions, but still only 2 minutes-worth in total!

Survey can be accessed here

Or with this URL



Alex, Steve, Kerri and Toby




If you would like to donate to support our ongoing work, and to keep the App free for all users, please go to our website and use the 'Donate' Tab. Apple Pay now enabled for ease for Apple users (will add Android Pay when our online payment company enables it!).

We are grateful for any support,

Alex and Steve

AppStore reviews

Please take 10 seconds to give us a star rating, or even better, 30 seconds to write us a review on your respective AppStore (links below). It really helps us to promote our work and get more users. We really appreciate it.



Thanks again,

Kerri, Steve, Alex and the Buku Medicine team

Haematology pilot project

If you are a haematologist and interested in taking part in a pilot of new customisable content adapted to local practice, please get in touch with us at info@bukumedicine.co.uk.