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Update 25/10/2019. We have added an MGUS/paraprotein guidance pathway courtesy of Oxford University Hospitals, and a new worksheet to help people gain confidence in how to rule in and out plasma cell disorders like myeloma.

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Buku haematology is a quick reference for the initial investigation and management of common haematology problems. It is for all grades of generalist and specialist doctors, specialist nurses, physician assistants and has links to key references and guidelines

The information included is concise to make it easy to use, and further reading should be undertaken to gain a full understanding of the topics covered

'Buku' is the Chichewa word for book or reference. Chichewa is spoken in Malawi where our pathology project MPathE is running

The Workups section is a more thorough approach to initial investigation and management of specific conditions in haematology

Common causes are listed by frequency from general medical literature and our clinical experience

Links at the bottom of each section offer resources for further reading including national guidelines or review articles

This app contains general information tailored for UK practice and is not advice. It should be used in conjunction with clinical judgement. The responsibility for care lies with the clinician. Use your local haematology on-call service for advice for individual cases. 

For those with an interest in haematology follow #teamhaem on twitter for clinical cases and educational resources

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